Bar Menu

Hungarian Goulash
veal braised with veal stock, tomatoes, onions,
Hungarian paprika served with spatzli

Grilled Angus Burger
8 oz burger served on a toasted Challis bun, tomatoes, pickle and onion,
served with roesti and vegetables

Bavarian Sausage Platter
two weisswurst grilled topped with onions simmered in veal stock
served with spatzli and our famous braised red cabbage

Nyman Ranch Barbequed Pork Back Ribs
served with potatoes salad and Berkshire slaw

Fume de Poisson
smoked fish platter with trout and salmon, traditional garnish,
horseradish mousse and homemade croutons

Sautéed Nature Calves Liver
two slices sautéed, veal stock reduction
and sautéed onions served with roesti and vegetables, add bacon

Filet Of Sole Meuniere
served with roesti and vegetables

Chicken Curry
breast of chicken sautéed, served on a delicate madras curry sauce
with fruit, berries and toasted almonds served with basmati rice

Linguini Bolognese
served with a hearty meat and tomato sauce,
reggiano parmesan on the side

Linguini Cassale del Corte
flavored with olive oil, roasted garlic,
shiitake mushrooms and baby spinach

Grilled Chicken Salad
chicken breast bell pepper vinaigrette,
Medora mix, Belgian endive, tomatoes and red onion

Chef's Salad
delicate greens with a variety of meats and cheese,
served with our house dressing on the side

Vol Au Vent A La Reine
puff pastry filled with chicken and mushrooms on a béchamel sauce
served with three seasonal vegetables

Chicken Schnitzel
breaded breast of chicken, caper butter,
served with roesti and vegetables

Roesti Pie With Two Eggs ( sunny or over )

Grilled Breast of Chicken Served Over Risotto Milanese
chicken breast grilled brushed with oil olive and herbs
sliced and placed over saffron flavored risotto

Fresh Garden Salad add Blue Cheese

Price range $7.50 - $20