Dear Gert & Cindy:

I am sorry it has taken so much time for me to get around to writing this letter to you. My family and I would like to thank you for the incredible hospitality that you showed to us during our Christmas family reunion at your Inn. The fact that there was insufficient snow for skiing seemed to put not a damper on anyone's spirits or good humor, including you and your excellent staff. The way that everyone went beyond the call of duty to accommodate our one and two year old girls was truly remarkable and much appreciated. I think this made all the difference in making us "feel at home" in your Inn, which certainly was the case. Managing to have our Christmas celebration with the opening of presents for a dozen people was a remarkable feat, considering that Christmas Eve dinner was going full force downstairs.

The food was exemplary. Having sampled the fare in various regions of Switzerland, I felt that some wonderful touches of their cuisine were adapted beautifully for consumption by patrons of your inn. Please accept our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude.


Edward Diao, M.D.

Dear Cindy et. al.,

Many thanks from all of us for a fantastic party last week! Needless to say, we couldn't have been happier for our parents.

In light of the wonderful service, great atmosphere, and all around "perfect" evening, we thought it only fitting that those who served us should receive a higher tip. Please distribute it as you desire, with a "hearty thanks" from those of us scattered around the country.

Cindy, events like last week's are truly once in a lifetime experiences. Thanks again to you, your husband and all at the Swiss hutte for making it "an evening to remember."

Kind Regards,

Chuck DelGrande
Mike DelGrande
Patty DelGrande
Lori DelGrandeSterrett
Tom DelGrande

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